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Assured Testing Equipment (ATQ), an affiliate of Assured Testing Services, was formally founded in 2020 as part of the Assured Testing group. ATQ has since expanded its product offering to include multiple device types servicing metal finishers and industrial testing laboratories internationally. Located in Ridgway, PA, the facility offers a first-class environment for product design and manufacture. Visitors and customers are always welcome.

Contact Assured Testing Equipment today to get started on your next testing equipment project. We look forward to working with you! 



Assured Testing Equipment, an affiliate of Assured Testing Services of Ridgway, PA, was founded to support testing laboratories and metal finishing companies with reliable, cost-effective, and practical test equipment for everyday use. Our equipment will help companies to validate results faster to achieve greater responsiveness to their customer base. When used in conjunction with Assured Testing Services' laboratory facility services, Assured Testing Equipment is a powerful dual validation method for any laboratory or finishing company looking to establish their reputation for quality and quickness.

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